Graceful Shutdown

You can shut down SwaggerHub gracefully using the Embedded Kurl Cluster Operator (EKCO).


We recommend the graceful shutdown in two cases:

  • when you put your virtual machine into a suspended state

  • when you perform operating system updates, security patches, or reboots


Wait up to two minutes for the pods to drain out or start up.

Shut Down

Shut down SwaggerHub and minimize the Kubernetes resource usage using the command:

sudo /opt/ekco/

SwaggerHub is now offline.

Start Up

When you are ready, restart SwaggerHub using the command:

sudo /opt/ekco/

SwaggerHub is now online.


After the shutdown, the Elasticsearch pod might appear as unavailable in the admin console's resources status. In this case, give it up to two minutes to start up.

If the pod status remains as unavailable, redeploy by using this command:

sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144
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