Restart SwaggerHub On-Premise

Sometimes, you may need to restart your SwaggerHub On-Premise instance. A restart is typically required:

  • If you changed any configuration setting in the Admin Center, such as the SMTP server, authentication method, and so on.

  • After you upgraded SwaggerHub to a newer version.

  • After you configured or changed the static IP address for your SwaggerHub On-Premise instance.

There are several ways to restart SwaggerHub:

  • Log in to SwaggerHub Admin Center, select System on the left, and click Restart SwaggerHub.

    -- or --

  • Use your VM hypervisor to reboot the VM.

    -- or --

  • (Introduced in SwaggerHub On-Premise v. 1.18.3 for VirtualBox and VMware.)

    Use your VM hypervisor to view the VM console. You should see the admin menu. Select Reboot Machine from this menu.

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