Account Management for On-Premise

The information on this page applies to On-Premise users. For information about account settings for SaaS (online) users, click here.

Account settings is where you manage your SwaggerHub account details like username, password and email address, create and manage organizations, change your organization’s plan and payment method.

To access your account settings, click your username in the top right corner of any page and select the corresponding menu item.

User settings menu

Account Overview

This menu choice lets you:


This menu item contains your personal API key for accessing SwaggerHub’s public API.


Keep your API key secure, as it provides full access to your APIs and domains.

If the API key has been compromised, revoke it and generate a new one. To do that, click the ellipsis button and select Regenerate API Key. Then update your code to use the new API key.

My Organizations

From this menu item, you can set up your organizations, add and remove members, manage teams. See Managing Resource Access for details.

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