Change Your SwaggerHub On-Premise Domain or IP Address

A network administrator usually assigns a static IP address and, optionally, a user-friendly domain name to the SwaggerHub On-Premise VM. You will need to specify this domain name or IP address in the SwaggerHub Admin Center, so that the system knows its own network address. The links in email notifications, in mocks and elsewhere in SwaggerHub will use this domain or IP address.

To specify your SwaggerHub domain or IP address:

  1. Open the Admin Center.

  2. Select Settings on the left.

  3. In the DNS name for this server field, specify the domain name or IP address assigned to this SwaggerHub instance. For example: 


    Do not include http:// at the beginning and / at the end.



  4. If you run SwaggerHub on VirtualBox in the NAT mode, make note of the host’s listening port that corresponds to the VM’s port 80.

    • In SwaggerHub On-Premise 1.20.0 and later, specify this port number in the Port name for this server field.

    • In earlier versions, add this port at the end of the DNS name for this server value, such as

  5. Click Save Changes and Restart.

    In v. 1.19.1 or earlier, click Save Changes, then switch to the System page and click Restart SwaggerHub.

  6. Wait a few minutes for the system to restart completely.

If your SwaggerHub domain name or IP address ever changes, make sure to update the DNS name for this server option value, as well as the inbound links to your SwaggerHub instance, such as:

  • Domain references in existing API definitions.

  • The SwaggerHub callback URL used on GitHub (see GitHub Integration).

  • SwaggerHub URLs in your SAML identity provider used for single sign-on.

  • Calls to the SwaggerHub Registry API and to your API mocks.

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