SwaggerHub is a collaborative platform where you can define your APIs using the OpenAPI or AsyncAPI specifications and manage your APIs throughout their lifecycle. SwaggerHub is brought to you by the same people behind the open-source Swagger tools. It integrates the core Swagger tools (UI, Editor, Codegen, Validator) into a single platform to help you coordinate the entire workflow of an API’s lifecycle.

With SwaggerHub, you can:

  • Define your APIs in the OpenAPI or AsyncAPI format.

  • Host all your API definitions in a single place.

  • Store your common API components (such as data models and responses) in domains and reference them from API definitions.

  • Collaborate on API definitions with your team.

  • For OpenAPI: Generate server and client code and push it to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure DevOps Services.

  • Share your APIs publicly and privately.

  • Iterate your API design and manage multiple API versions.

Get started

Start by signing up and creating your first API.


SwaggerHub supports:

  • OpenAPI 2.0

  • OpenAPI 3.0

  • OpenAPI 3.1

  • AsyncAPI 2.x

New to API Specifications?

Check out these guides to learn how to write API definitions:

go.gifOpenAPI 3.1 syntax guide

go.gifOpenAPI 3.0 syntax guide

go.gifOpenAPI 2.0 syntax guide

go.gifAsyncAPI Getting Started Guide

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