Delete Users in SwaggerHub On-Premise

A SwaggerHub On-Premise administrator may need to delete inactive users to free up license seats for the other users. For example, you can delete the users who have left the company or no longer use SwaggerHub.

The comments left by deleted users will remain but display inactive next to the username. Other editors can delete those comments, if necessary.


Before deleting users, make sure their API definitions, domains and organizations have been transferred to other users. Otherise, the data will be lost.

Delete a user

  1. Open the Admin Center.

  2. Select License on the left.

  3. Click Delete next to the user you want to delete and confirm the deletion.

    Deleting a user

Delete users via API

Supported in v. 1.29.

Use the User Management API to delete one or more users from your On-Premise instance:

curl -X DELETE "http(s)://SERVER/api/user-management/v1/[email protected]&[email protected]" -H "Authorization: ADMIN_API_KEY"

The request must be authenticated using the SwaggerHub API key of the admin user.

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