Plans and Billing


This information applies to SwaggerHub SaaS.

SwaggerHub differentiates between personal and organization plans:

  • Personal plans are free.

  • Organization plans are paid plans based on the number of organization members. Organization plans have higher plan limits and extra features for team collaboration.

You can change your organization plan at any time, and the new plan will become effective immediately.

We offer monthly and annual billing for all organization plans, which can be paid online via a credit card. All payments are securely processed by BrainTree, a PayPal company.

SwaggerHub plans

Visit the Pricing page to compare the available plans.

Billing settings

To view and manage your organization’s plan and billing, use the Plan, Billing, and Payment Method pages in the organization settings.

Organization billing settings

Common tasks

go.gifUpgrading From a Free to a Paid Plan

go.gifChanging Your SwaggerHub Plan

go.gifChanging Credit Card Information


go.gifSwitching Between Monthly and Annual Billing

go.gifChanging an Organization’s Billing Email Address

go.gifDowngrading to a Free Plan

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