Organizations can organize their APIs and domains into projects and control member access to individual projects. An organization can have any number of projects.

The projects you have access to are displayed under the organization names in My Hub sidebar.

Projects in SwaggerHub

Create and manage projects

Only the organization owners can create, update, and delete projects in an organization.

go.gifCreating Projects

go.gifAdding and Deleting APIs and Domains From Projects

go.gifAdding and Deleting Users in Projects

go.gifSharing Projects

go.gifDeleting Projects

Availability to members

Projects are visible for:

  • organization owners

  • project members

For more information on assiging roles in a project, see Adding and Deleting Users in Projects.

After adding a user to a project, they can see:

  • organization

  • projects

  • project APIs in the left-hand sidebar

Projects in SwaggerHub

This lets the user navigate to the project, API, or a domain without searching for it in SwaggerHub.

Once you add a user to a project, they get the Consumer role for APIs and domains by default. For the ability to comment or edit an API or domain, assign the Designer role. For complete information, see Resource Roles.

You can also manage multiple users at once by grouping them into teams. This allows you granting permissions to a whole team instead of individual users. For more information on easier management, see Teams.

Project members can see both public and private APIs and domains.

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