Manage Resource Access

An organization owner can manage the resources (APIs, domains, projects, Portal products) that the team has been assigned. This information is displayed in the Team Resources table, viewable by the following steps:Overview

  1. Go to My Hub and click next to the organization name in the sidebar.

  2. Switch to the Teams tab.

  3. Click Details next to the team. The Team Resources table displays below the Team Members table.

Add a Resource to the Team

To add a resource, type the name of the resource in the box at the top of the Team Resources section of the page.


Change the Resource Access for a Team

If a team has access to a resource, you can specify the access type by clicking the radio button beside Consumer or Designer for that resource in the Team Resources table.

Delete a Resource

To delete a resource, click Delete User in the Actions column on the line for the resource name in the table.

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