Changing Your SwaggerHub Plan


This information applies to SwaggerHub SaaS.

SwaggerHub offers tiered plans for small teams and larger enterprises. Among other things, the plan defines the number of Designer and Consumer seats and the maximum number of APIs and domains in your organization.

Your organization’s current plan and limits are displayed on the Plan page of the organization settings.

The 'Plan' page in organization settings


If the Plan page displays "Please Verify Your Email Address", it means your user account is not verified yet. Search your mailbox for the verification email from SwaggerHub or click Resend Email to request a new verification email. Open the email and click the Confirm button in it. Once your user account is verified, you can view and change your organization’s plan.

Upgrade from a Team to an Enterprise plan

Contact Sales or your account manager for details.

Change the number of seats on an Enterprise plan

Contact Sales or your account manager for details.

Change the number of seats on a Team plan

  1. Go to My Hub and click next to the organization name in the sidebar.

  2. Switch to the Plan page.

  3. Click Upgrade.

    Upgrading your organization's plan
  4. Select the new plan based on the size of your team and choose whether you want to be billed monthly or annually.

    Changing your plan
  5. Click Select Plan.

  6. Verify your Billing Information (company name, billing address, and so on) and update it if needed.

  7. The Payment Information section displays your current card used for payments. To use another card, click Edit and specify the new card details.

    Payment information
  8. Click Complete Payment.


    Any remaining credit from your old plan will be applied to the new plan.

    Order summary


After you change the plan, the following happens:

  • The current billing period ends, and a new period starts on the day of the change.

  • Your account will be charged the newly-calculated rates on the day of the change.

  • When calculating a new price, we will take into account the number of days you have spent on the old plan since the start of the billing period. You will pay for the passed days only. The remainder will be applied to further payments as a discount. See Proration for details.

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