Manage Member Roles

This topic describes how to add, update and delete roles from SwaggerHub users. For an overview of roles, click here.

You can manage user roles from the Members tab of Organization Settings.

Overview of Managing User Roles

From My Hub, open Organization Settings by clicking settings.png next to the organization name in the sidebar.

  • Click the Members tab.

  • A list of members displays.

For each member, the following information is displayed:

  • Name.

  • Email.

  • Billing Type. There are three billing types: Designer, Consumer, Collaborator. Your plan limits for each billing type are listed at the top of the Members pane.

  • Role Assignments. This count shows how many roles have been assigned to this user, including organization ownership, team membership and administrator roles and resource access.

  • Invitation Accepted. Yes indicates that the member accepted the invitation to join. If this field says No, the member still counts as a consumer or designer in the plan limits.

  • Organizational Role. This shows each user's role: owner, designer or consumer.

  • Actions.

Invite or Delete Members

For information on how to add or delete members, consult Adding and Deleting Users in Organizations.

Add New Roles

To add roles to an existing user:

  • Click member-profile.pngfor the user.

  • Click Create Role Assignment.

  • Choose the Type. This field defines the scope of the role to be created -- organization-wide, on a team, or for a specific resource (API, domain, or Portal products).

  • Specify the Role that this user is being assigned.

  • Click Create.

Modify or Delete Member Roles

To modify the roles of an existing user:

  • Click member-profile.pngfor the user.

  • Click edit-role.pngfor the role to be changed.

  • Choose a new role from the pulldown.

  • Click confirm-role.pngto save the change.

To delete a role for an existing user:

  • Click member-profile.pngfor the user.

  • Click delete-role.pngfor the role to be changed.

Bulk Operations

You can perform operations on multiple users. To do that

  • Click the checkbox for every user to be changed.

  • Click bulk-operations.png

  • Choose what kind of operation you want to perform on these users.

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