Add and Deleting Users in Organizations

The organization owner can invite users to join the organization and remove users who are no longer part of the organization.

Once added to the organization, the users can be organized into Teams and granted access to the organization’s APIs and domains.

Users can also be added with SSO. For SaaS, click here for instructions. For On-Premise installations, click here.

Add users to an organization

To add a user, you must invite them. Users who are invited will be notified by email. You cannot invite more members than your plan limit. When a user is invited, they are counted as a member, even if they do not accept the invitation. Invitations do not expire.

Users who have been invited can be removed, in the same way as all other users (described below in this topic).

Invitations are always for consumer role users. For instructions to change the user to a designer, click here.

Invited users are added to the organization immediately and receive an email notification informing them that they’ve been added. Users without a SwaggerHub account will need to create an account before they can access the organization’s private data. Registered users have the Confirmed status in the member list.

SwaggerHub On-Premise note: In v. 1.27 and earlier, invited users must accept the invitation first to join the organization. To accept the invitation, the user needs to click the link in the invitation email. Users who accepted the invitation have the Joined status in the member list.

At any time, you can resend the invitations to pending members by clicking the Resend link in the member list.

Remove users from an organization

Remove yourself from an organization

Designers and Consumers (that is, non-owners) can leave an organization at any time.

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