Download System Logs

This information applies to SwaggerHub On-Premise.

SwaggerHub On-Premise keeps system logs for troubleshooting purposes. The logs include error and debug messages, system information, configuration settings, and other diagnostic data that can be useful to troubleshoot issues with your SwaggerHub On-Premise instance. When you contact SmartBear Support, you may be asked to provide the logs.

Download the logs

  1. Log in to the Admin Center.

  2. Switch to the System tab.

  3. Click Download Diagnostic Data (or Download Logs in older versions).

Logs are downloaded in a ZIP file.

Log files

In SwaggerHub On-Premise versions up to 1.18.8, the logs are encrypted and can only be decrypted by the SmartBear Support team. Please send the logs as is to Support.

Since SwaggerHub On-Premise 1.19.1, the logs are in plain text, and you can review them yourself. The available log files are:

File name



User Management API log. Available since v. 1.26.


SwaggerHub On-Premise configuration settings, including the hostname, authentication method, SAML or LDAP configuration, and so on. This is the information from the Settings page of the Admin Center. Passwords are masked.


The processing log of custom standardization rules, including the titles and versions of the APIs being processed by each rule. Available since v. 1.28.


The history of system upgrades.


The installation and startup log.


Contains the license information, including the company name, plan limits, and license expiration date.


HAProxy Docker image log. In particular, this log contains errors related to the SSL certificate and private key installed on your SwaggerHub instance (when SSL is terminated on SwaggerHub).


Contains the version and status of SwaggerHub system components. This is the information from the System Status page of the Admin Center.


The main SwaggerHub application log for the last 7 days. Log data is a JSON array where each element (log entry) has the format like this:

  "_id": {
    "$oid": "5bdb0c00821ee43b005a7354"
  "logger": "server.thrown",
  "level": "ERROR",
  "message": "Error: Missing GitHub OAuth credentials",
  "requestId": null,
  "throwable": {
    "stackTrace": [
  "timestamp": {
    "$date": "2021-07-01T14:21:52.029Z"


Startup and shutdown logs of SwaggerHub services.

Contains the operating system name and version, kernel version, and memory usage (as reported by /proc/meminfo).




and so on

Upgrade log.

Contains the number of existing organizations, users, APIs and domains in your SwaggerHub On-Premise instance.

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