The AsyncAPI editor does not support comments.

OpenAPI Code Editor supports comments, so you can share your thoughts and discuss ideas with other users. Comments are used as tickets that bring issues and ideas to the attention of other users.

Users with commenting permissions can add, reply to, resolve, and reopen comments.

Comments are linked to a specific version of an API or domain and are not copied between other versions.

Add comments

Designers and consumers can add comments on any line of the OpenAPI definition, and can also reply to, resolve, and re-open comments.

To add a comment, click the plus plus sign to the left of the line number in the editor. This opens the comment panel where you can type your comment.

Adding a comment

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Comments support the Markdown syntax for text formatting:

Using Markdown in comments

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All the comments appear to the right of the editor, sorted by the line number. To show or hide the comments, click Comments on the editor toolbar. Comments are real-time, so other users who have the API page open will see the comments immediately without refreshing the page.

Using comments

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Open and resolved comments

All the comments are grouped into two categories: Open Comments and Resolved Comments. Open comments are unresolved questions and things on the backlog.

Once an issue has been taken care of, you can mark the comment as resolved. This moves the comment to the Resolved Comments section at the bottom.

Resolving a comment

Resolved comments may be deleted or kept for historical purposes. Resolved comments can also be re-opened if needed.

Who can comment?

The following users have commenting permissions:

  • Organization owners and designers.

  • Consumers, if the  Allow Consumers to Comment on all the APIs & Domains they can access  options enabled for the organization.

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