Backup and Recovery

Note: This information applies to SwaggerHub On-Premise.

You should make regular backups of your SwaggerHub On-Premise instance for disaster recovery purposes, so that you can easily revert to an earlier state.

There are two ways to back up and recover your data:

  1. VM snapshots (recommended)

    Use your hypervisor’s backup tools to create a full snapshot of the VM. Alternatively, use third-party backup scheduling software that can create VM snapshots. This should be your primary backup method. It will allow you to easily restore the entire VM to the point in time when the snapshot was made.

  2. Data and configuration backups

    Use the built-in backup feature on the System page of the Admin Center. It allows you to download a copy of your SwaggerHub data and configuration and keep it in another location in case you ever need to recover the data or transfer it to a new instance.

    These backups can be automated to run on schedule.

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