SwaggerHub Explore

SwaggerHub Explore is a tool that allows you to interact with REST APIs and Kafka services.

With SwaggerHub Explore you can:

  • Explore APIs and web services.

  • Call API endpoints.

  • Review the return values from API calls.

  • Experiment with different parameters.

  • Review the raw byte stream returned by a call.

  • Try out the full range of REST calls: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH.

  • Publish and subscribe with Kafka.

Supported OpenAPI versions

This integration supports OpenAPI 3.0 standard.


Keep the following in mind when using SwaggerHub Explore:

  • SwaggerHub Explore is available in the following billing plans:

  • Currently, SwaggerHub Explore doesn't support the following:

    OpenAPI 2.0
    OpenAPI 3.1

Get Started

To start using SwaggerHub Explore in SwaggerHub, choose one of the following methods:

  • The Open in Explore button on the bar above the API editor redirects you to general info about the API in question. Below this, you can select the API request you want to try.

  • The SwaggerHub Explore icon that is at the far end of the method bar – it redirects you to the chosen API request.

  • The documentation icon is located to the right on the bar above the API editor.

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