Renaming APIs

You must be the API owner or a  designer to rename an API

To rename an API

  1. Open the API page.

  2. Click the API name. This will open the API Info panel.

    Opening the API Info panel
  3. Click Rename API in the API Info panel.

    Renaming an API
  4. Enter a new name for the API:

    Renaming an API
  5. Click Rename API to confirm the renaming.


  • The API name is part of its URL on SwaggerHub. Renaming will change this URL. SwaggerHub will not redirect the old URL to the new one.

  • API designers and consumers get an email notification when an API is renamed.

  • If the renamed API has integrations configured, review the integration settings and then save the API again to trigger the integrations.

  • After renaming, you may need to perform additional actions. For example, if you use a Git repository whose name is based on the API name, you may want to rename that repository. This is not done automatically.

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