Get Started

To access BitBar, you need to obtain the login credentials based on the following options:

  • If you are joining an existing team, the main account user can add you to their plan by clicking the Add User button in the BitBar application.

    Add a User
  • If you are trying BitBar for the first time, you can start a free trial from the following link: Free Trial.


The following instructions apply to logging in to the public cloud. If you have questions about logging in to your private cloud, reach out to [email protected].

Sign In

Perform the following steps to access the BitBar application:

  1. Enter the following URL in the address bar.

    If you are not logged in, the BitBar app login page is displayed.

    Login Page
  2. Enter the Email and Password.

  3. Click Sign in.


    Alternatively, you can also use select SSO options (such as Google, GitHub, and Azure) to log in to the dashboard.

After successful login, the BitBar application is displayed.


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