Use REST APIs with BitBar

For continued mobile and browser development, you can integrate the BitBar Cloud project in your continuous integration environment and test run using a REST API rather than manually uploading and configuring test projects. The full API is available online (requires login).


BitBar Testing provides a very powerful and useful API for its users to manage all aspects of mobile and browser development as well as test automation. With the API, you can access our device farm, manage projects, test runs and results, and perform many other tasks over a RESTful architecture returning JSON structures with appropriate HTTP response codes.

By default, all API responses are in the JSON format. As this was not always the case, many samples still include the header Accept: application/json which now is redundant.


Swagger is a tool for browsing and testing REST APIs in real-time inside a browser window. Users have to be logged in to access the API through Swagger. Public Cloud users can access Swagger at and Private and On-premise users at https://<your cloud>/cloud/swagger-ui.html.

Available API clients

For more information, see Bitbar Clients.

Getting started examples

cURL is used in the following examples. cURL is software providing a library and command-line tool for transferring data using various protocols. It can be downloaded from here:


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