XCTest and XCUITest Support

Applications created for Apple iOS devices can be tested with multiple different testing frameworks of which Apple only supports its own testing frameworks XCTest and XCUITest. These frameworks are also available and supported by BitBar Testing Cloud. XCTest and XCUITest are integrated with XCode and support writing of test suites with subclasses, methods, and assertions.

Tests are run directly from Xcode and are written with either Swift or Objective C. XCUITest makes use of the application’s accessibility functionality, which allows tests to interact with the app as a real user would.

BitBar Cloud also provides crash reports for failing applications to support improved application debugging. If an iOS application crashes during a test, the crash report from the device is generated and is available in the UI and over API as symbolicated.crash in the result files.

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go.gifRunning XCTest Tests

go.gifRunning XCUITest Tests

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