Handling User Data

Device cleaning

BitBar takes security seriously. The service is SSL encrypted and all uploaded content as well as all test results are visible only to their owner and administrators. All devices in Testing Cloud are real physical Android or iOS devices where all user data and all non-system applications are erased after each test run and SD-cards are formatted. The devices are also rebooted before each new test run. All this is carried out automatically to ensure there is no test data visible from one user to another and that each test run is executed on identical environment.

Because used devices are off the shelf, real devices it is still possible there are device specific variances that result in some traces being left behind regardless of all the steps we take. For total security we recommend Private or Enterprise cloud solutions.

All devices are standard, non-rooted devices, just like your users’ devices in the field are.

Data Storing

BitBar Testing stores data uploaded to service for only a limited amount of time. All test runs older than 120 days are removed from projects after which the projects are set to be removed after the next 120 days. Once a test run has been removed, BitBar has no way of restoring the test run or related artifacts.

If test run information needs to be stored for longer periods it is suggested to download all relevant information from test runs to local storage.

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