Why is the Appium test waiting for a device and finally times out?

BitBar Testing Appium has the maximum waiting time for a device set to 10 minutes. If there is an ongoing test from another cloud, a user timeout is very likely to happen. Try again later or with another device.


BitBar Testing trial devices are very busy, and it might be difficult to find a run time for Appium tests on those devices.

Why does the Appium test fail with a timeout?

BitBar Testing has a test run time limit set to 10 minutes. This limit is applicable to Trial Plan users. If you need to run longer tests, please upgrade your subscription.

Why am I getting the 403 error when trying to upload an application (apk, ipa)?

Check your proxy settings. You should be able to reach

Why am I getting the “Project <…> cannot be used for type APPIUM_ANDROID” error?

Appium projects must be either Appium Android or Appium iOS by project type in BitBar Testing. The simplest way is to let BitBar Testing create a project for you. This can be done easily by using a new project name in your Appium script.

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