Test Results

The Test results screen stores the results of your past live testing sessions. To open the screen, go to Live Testing > Test results.

Here, you can view general information about a past live testing session such as device info, used and output files, the date and time when the session started and finished, who created the session, and the OS type used in the session.

To get more information on the device session, click Go to device session.

Test results

Session Details

The Session Details widget provides details about a device session:

  • Device info – The tab shows information about the device you used.

    Device info
  • Actions – The tab shows information about all actions that you performed over a device during a live test session.

    Actions info


The Artifacts widget shows all screenshots, videos, and device actions captured during the selected test. They are presented in the order of capturing. The artifacts files are downloadable.


On the Screenshots tab, click a screenshot to view it. You can also click to download it or to rotate it.

Your downloaded images will be in the WebP format.

Media widget: Screenshots tab


On the Videos tab, click a video to watch it. You can also click to download it or to rotate it.

Media widget: Videos tab


The Other tab contains all generated and captured files from the test execution.

  • – Click it to view the file.

  • – Click it to download the file.

Artifacts other


The logs widget provides line-by-line information about the test run. It allows showing the different types of log data available from the test run. These include logcat, Appium logs. The logs can be searched by browser search or the widget’s own search box. For easier debugging the view can be enlarged to full screen.

Logs widget


The Performance widget provides details of the test run for CPU and memory usage. You can click any given step/time to get more specific information about resource consumption.

Performance widget

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