Most API requests require authentication. BitBar supports authentication with an API key.

Important Update: API Authentication

To align with our security framework enhancements, we will be discontinuing support for OAuth 2.0 password grant type. As a result, API calls using this method will trigger an authorization exception. We strongly advise our clients using OAuth 2.0 password grant type to transition to the API key method to ensure uninterrupted service. Guidance is available in our documentation to facilitate this transition.

API key

An API key is a confidential token that you can access by following these steps:

  1. In BitBar, navigate to > My Account.

  2. In the My Integrations panel, click the API tile.

    Viewing an API key
Example 3. Using Curl to Retrieve User-Specific Data with BitBar API Key

The code snippet below illustrates how you can use an API key with the curl command to retrieve user-specific data from the BitBar API endpoint.

curl -u <api-key>:

For additional information about the API key, refer to the API section.

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