Account Creation

Creating a SmartBear ID account

If you need to log in to a product that requires a SmartBear ID and you don't have your account, follow the steps here.

Authenticating with SmartBear ID

There are three types of authentication available through SmartBear ID:

  1. Email/password combination. Enter your email and your password when prompted. SmartBear ID will send a verification request to the email address you provided.

    sample screen for setting email and password combination
  2. SSO authentication. If your email domain is registered as the IdP provider, you will be automatically redirected to continue with the SSO flow.

    The following SAML 2.0-based ID providers are supported (request by filling out this form):

    • Azure Active Directory

    • OneLogin

    • PingFederate

    • Okta

    Users logging in with SSO have managed accounts, meaning most SmartBear ID functionality, such as changing security details and account deletion, is only available to the organizations’ administrators.

  3. Social log-ins for users with accounts at Microsoft, Google, or GitHub. They can authenticate in SmartBear ID simply by clicking the button with the relevant logo and providing ID information when prompted.

    sample screen showing social login

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