Access Groups

Access groups help you easily share BitBar projects and bound resources and device groups with multiple users. You can grant permissions to individual users as well as to the entire team.

For details about sharing projects and device groups, see Sharing a Project and Share a device group.

Create an access group

  1. Go to > Access Groups.

  2. Click .

    Adding an access group
  3. Give the group a name.

  4. Select a group scope, that is, who will be able to have access to the group:

    • User – Select to add individual users to the group.

    • Account – Select to add all your account users to the group.

  5. Click Create.

    Creating an access group

Add users

  1. Click the needed group in the Access Groups table.

  2. Click in the Users section.

  3. Enter the email of the user to be added and click Add user to the group.

    Adding a user to an access group

Edit an access group

Configure an access group

Remove resources

You can configure what bound resources will be shared within an access group.

In the Resources section, click remove.png next to the resource to be removed.

Remove users

In the Users section, click remove.png next to the user to be removed.

Rename an access group

  1. In the Access Group section, enter a new group name in the Give access group a name field.

  2. Click Save changes.

Remove an access group

To remove an access group, click remove.png next to the needed group on the Access Groups page.

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