Security Center

Security Center is where you can manage your security settings:

You can access the Security Center in either way:

  • Navigate to > Security Center from the main toolbar.

-- or --

  • Navigate to > My Account from the main toolbar.

  • Click Security Center in the My Account widget.

    The Security Center button

Info panel

Info Panel shows general information about your account:

  • Whether multi-factor authentication is enabled. (Private Cloud only)

  • When your account was created.

  • When you logged in last time.

  • When the latest test was launched.

Account info panel

Change password

You can change your password on the Change password tab of Security Center. To do this, enter your current password, and the a new password twice and click Change.


Minimal password length is 12 characters.

The Change Password dialog

Multi-factor authentication

Mutli-factor authentication is only available for Private Cloud account users.

Enable MFA

  1. Switch to the Multi-factor Authentication of Security Center.

  2. Click Enable:

    Enabling multi-factor authentication
  3. Scan the QR code with an OTP app, enter the generated token, and click Finish:

    Enabling multi-factor authentication

Disable MFA

  1. Switch to the Multi-factor Authentication of Security Center.

  2. Click Disable:

    Disabling multi-factor authentication

Session settings

On the Session Settings tab of Security Center, you can specify the maximum duration of your session. The shorter your session is, the greater the security will be.

Session security settings


On the API tab, you can view, copy, or regenerate the API key that is needed for authentication when using the BitBar REST API:

API key settings

Click view-key.png quickly to preview the key, and click and hold this button for a longer time to make the key visible permanently.

You can also re-generate the API key to invalidate old scripts. To do this, click Reset API key, and then click Save:

Reset API key

Delete account


Deleting your account will remove all of your information and data from the BitBar database. This action cannot be undone.

  1. Switch to the Delete account tab of Security Center.

  2. Enter your account password and click Delete:

    The Delete account dialog

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