Security Center

Security Center is your hub for managing security settings, including:

To access Security Center, follow these steps:

  1. In BitBar, navigate to > My Account.

  2. Within the My Account section, click Security Center.



  • In BitBar, navigate to > Security Center.

    Shortcut to Security Center

Info Panel

Info Panel displays general account details, including:

  • Account creation date

  • Last login timestamp

  • Time of the latest test launch

Account info panel


On the API tab, you can access, copy, or regenerate the API key required for authentication when using REST APIs with BitBar.

API key settings
  • To quickly preview the API key, click . To make the key permanently visible click and hold until it changes to .

  • To copy the API key, click .

  • To re-generate the API key and invalidate old scripts, click Reset API key, and then Save.

    Reset API key
  • To use your API key in examples, ensure that the Use my API key in examples checkbox is selected, and then click Save.

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