Mobile App Tests

BitBar is a mobile app testing platform which provides the following approaches to testing:

  • Live (or manual) testing allows you to have manual access to real BitBar testing devices and troubleshoot issues reported by your customers and verify the real-world user experience. See Live (or Manual) Testing for details.

  • Automated testing allows you to run automated mobile tests on any number of Android and iOS devices at the same time. BitBar supports any native mobile test automation framework and all languages (Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and so on).

This section describes the testing approaches in BitBar and provides detailed information on test preparation, test management, and test results.

Note on signing iOS apps

We re-sign iOS applications so that they could run on BitBar Cloud. By doing so, we remove support for the following capabilities:

  1. Access WiFi Information

  2. App Attest

  3. App Groups

  4. Apple Pay Payment Processing

  5. Associated Domains

  6. AutoFill Credential Provider

  7. ClassKit

  8. Communication Notifications

  9. Custom Network Protocol

  10. Data Protection

  11. Extended Virtual Address Space

  12. Family Controls

  13. FileProvider TestingMode

  14. Fonts

  15. Game Center

  16. Group Activities

  17. HealthKit

  18. HealthKit Estimate Recalibration

  19. HLS Interstitial Previews

  20. HomeKit

  21. Hotspot

  22. iCloud

  23. In-App Purchase

  24. Increased Memory Limit

  25. Inter-App Audio

  26. Low Latency HLS

  27. Mac Catalyst (Existing Apps Only)

  28. Maps

  29. MDM Managed Associated Domains

  30. Multipath

  31. Network Extensions

  32. NFC Tag Reading

  33. Personal VPN

  34. Push Notifications

  35. Sign In with Apple

  36. SiriKit

  37. System Extension

  38. Time Sensitive Notifications

  39. User Management

  40. Wallet

  41. Wireless Accessory Configuration

The removed capabilities are replaced with the following ones:

  1. Data Protection

  2. iCloud

  3. Inter-App Audio

  4. Maps

  5. NetworkExtensions

  6. SiriKit

  7. Wallet

We can also handle the process in other way. We can omit re-signing within BitBar Private Cloud setups or with dedicated devices in BitBar Public Cloud. This way, you have the possibility to use your own distribution certificate.

If you are interested in one of these solutions, contact us.

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