BitBar differentiates between personal and team plans. Team plans have higher plan limits and extra features for team collaboration.

We offer daily and monthly plans, which can be paid online with a credit card, as well as a free trial plan.

BitBar Plans

Trial Plan

When registering for BitBar Cloud, you will initially have a trial plan. This plan allows you to work with all cloud features and functionalities as a normal user. The trial plan limitations are as follows:

  • A limited number of available devices.

  • Automated test runs are limited to starting one per hour.

  • Live testing sessions are limited to 4 minutes.

  • The plan is limited to 14 days after which you will not be able to use any device anymore. All your existing data is still stored until cleaned in 120 days.

Current Plan

To get details about your current plan, go to > Account from the main toolbar.

The My Subscriptions section shows your current BitBar plan and latest usage.

My Subscriptions

Unsubscribe from Your Plan

Click unsubscribe.png > Unsubscribe in the My Subscriptions section to unsubscribe from your current plan.

Available plans

To compare available BitBar plans, go to > Subscriptions.

Click the toggle in the top right corner of the page to compare annual and monthly plans.

Available subscription plans

View Billing History

From the main toolbar, navigate to > Account to view your billing history. You can also download the receipts and view usage details there.

Billing History

Change your Plan

To upgrade your plan, go to > Subscriptions and select the plan that best suits you. You will need to enter your payment details and basic information. Note that only Team or custom plans can be billed, and these also require admins to make changes to your plan.

BitBar plans

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