Account Management

Learn how to manage your settings in BitBar.

Account settings

To access your user information, click on the icon, and then select My Account. On this page, you will find the following sections:

  • My Account


    To update your SmartBear ID account details, including your profile, email, and security settings, click on Manage Account Information .

  • My Preferences

  • My Integrations

  • Account Users

My Account

Add a sub-account user

In BitBar, a user with a paid plan is referred to as the main account user. The main account user can add sub-account users who will inherit the same plan and roles. All usage is available to and counted for the main account user.


By default, projects are not shared between the main account and sub-accounts. Sharing must be done individually for each project.

To add a sub-account user:

  1. In BitBar, navigate to > My Account.

  2. Within the Account Users section, click the icon to invite a new team member.

    Creating a sub-account user

New users will receive an email invitation to activate their accounts.


  • In BitBar, click the icon to invite a new team member.



You cannot add an existing BitBar Cloud user from the user interface. Contact BitBar Support through the SmartBear Support Portal to add an existing user to your account.

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