BitBar is a versatile cloud-based platform for mobile and web application testing. It supports live (manual) and automated testing on physical iOS and Android devices and on desktop browsers (Windows, macOS, and Linux).

With BitBar, you can:

  • Run tests on the same browsers and devices your customers use.

  • Identify and fix issues before release.

  • Troubleshoot issues reported by customers.

  • Verify the real-world user experience.

BitBar supports most native mobile test automation frameworks as well as Selenium-based web app testing frameworks. It is compatible with various programming languages, including Python, Java, C#, Ruby, and JavaScript.

BitBar offers a range of deployment options to meet our customers' specific needs that include:

Public Cloud

BitBar Public Cloud provides cloud-based access to the range of the latest and most popular browsers and devices with various OS, OEM, and hardware configurations for testing web, hybrid, and native mobile applications. BitBar Public Cloud provides test automation, live testing, and a documented REST API to access, run, and manage any tests across a range of browsers and devices.

BitBar's physical devices are hosted in secure data centers located in Wrocław, Poland; Mountain View, CA; and Fort Lauderdale, FL. They are monitored 24/5, ensuring over 99% uptime.

The supported test automation frameworks include the following:

  • For Android:

    • Appium

    • Android Instrumentation

    • Espresso

    • Flutter

    • Robot Framework

    • Your own framework as Docker (Private Cloud only)

  • For iOS:

    • Appium

    • Flutter

    • Robot Framework

    • XCTest

    • XCUITest

    • Your own framework as a customized VM (Private Cloud only)

  • For Windows, macOS and Linux:

    • Cypress

    • Selenium

    • Other Selenium-based frameworks

For more information about BitBar, visit here.

Dedicated Devices

Dedicated Devices are private devices reserved for the exclusive use of your team hosted in the Public Cloud environment. Typical dedicated device customers are teams wanting or requiring constant access to specific devices and/or desktop browsers at any time (for example, for CI purposes), access to device models not available in the Public Cloud, or with specific testing use cases requiring private devices.

For more information about Dedicated Devices, visit here.

Private Cloud

BitBar Private Cloud provides dedicated/private devices and/or desktop browsers in a dedicated environment managed by the BitBar’s team in our secure data centers in Wrocław, Poland, and Mountain View, CA. This dedicated environment provides an easy and secure way to make sure the testing environment devices are accessible by all members of your global team.

Typical Private Cloud customers are businesses that want or need:

  • Constant access to specific devices and/or desktop browsers at any time (for example, for CI purposes).

  • Strong security requirements (VPN connection from devices to the internal testing environment).

  • Access to device models that are unavailable in the Public Cloud.

  • Specific testing use cases requiring private devices.

For more information about BitBar Private Cloud, visit here.

Two Hosting Setup Possibilities

  • Typically, the Private Cloud service is set up in a dedicated cloud instance managed by SmartBear, and all devices are securely hosted and located in our secure data centers with restricted access.

  • In select cases, a Private Cloud can be configured so that the BitBar software is hosted in the customer's own Virtual Private Cloud instance (for example, AWS VPC, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and so on), giving customers and their IT security departments more control over allowed or restricted connections.

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