Biometric Authentication

BitBar's Beta biometrics instrumentation allows testing applications that use biometric identity authentication. This allows testing an application without using device’s physical sensors like a fingerprint reader or a camera. With the feature for testing biometry enabled, you can call biometric authentication and then choose from a dialog box that appears during live testing whether the result will be pass or fail. BitBar’s biometrics testing supports client and server side for Appium automated tests, and live testing for Android and iOS.

Currently, BitBar supports the following Android biometric APIs:

  • BiometricPrompt

  • BiometricManager

  • FingerprintManager

For iOS, BitBar supports the following instance methods:

If you want to use biometric authentication with Android devices, you need to remember to first uninstall the app that is not instrumented. Then, install the instrumented one. Also, BitBar doesn’t support applications that use code obfuscation tools.

For iOS devices, we support biometric authentication with iOS 13 or newer. Additionally, when you call authentication from a thread other than the main, it shows the proper dialog box to continue with testing.

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go.gifRunning Live Test with Biometric Instrumentation

go.gifRunning Client Side Test with Biometric Instrumentation

go.gifRunning Server Side Test with Biometric Instrumentation

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