Running Client Side Test with Biometric Instrumentation

To create a live test to check application biometrics, follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Automation > Create Automated Test > Android or iOS.

  2. Select Appium Android Client Side.

  3. Set capabilities.

  4. Enable the biometrics testing by toggling the button that is above the code snippet window to Enabled. That adds the true value of the capability instrumentation biometric.

  5. From Capabilities Creator, copy generated capabilities from the code snippet window and use them to launch your client-side test.

  6. Click Projects & Test Results.


    For Android, it takes about 30 seconds longer test to be ready to run.

    Setting your Test

To check the result of your test, go to the Projects section on the left-hand side panel and choose the one that interests you. Click the project, select a your test run, and Go to results. The Device Session provides information on:

  1. Device Session Browser

  2. Session Details:

    • Analytics

    • Device

    • Tests and Steps

    • Issues

  3. Artifacts

    • Screenshots

    • Videos

    • Files

    • VisualTest

  4. Logs

  5. Performance

    Client Side Test Results

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