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Web App Testing with BitBar

Support for testing web applications on desktop and mobile browsers on BitBar helps you easily check if your web application functions properly on various browsers, devices, operating systems, and screen resolutions. This new testing type works on desktop (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) and mobile (iOS and Android).

Without desktop and mobile browsers in the cloud, you would have to set up and configure test machines yourself. You can create a test for one platform and then easily scale it to test app behavior in various environments.

You can do live tests (to check if the app functions as expected) or create automated tests to run on a regular basis. Additionally, if you want to test a website or a web service on your private network, you should start SecureTunnel before you continue with any further action.

Supported Environments

BitBar supports the following operating systems and browsers:

Operating systems


Windows 10




Internet Explorer

Windows 11




Linux (automated testing only)







BitBar offers several versions of each browser. You can easily check in the UI if the needed browser version is supported or not.


Also, BitBar supports over a dozen of frequently used screen resolutions. Let us know if there is any resolution you would like that we are missing!

Supported Test Types

You can create and run the following tests for your web apps running in desktop and mobile browsers:

  • Live testing allows you to have manual access to real mobile and desktop browsers to quickly test certain functions of your web app in a specific environment.

  • Automated testing allows you to run Selenium, Appium, and other test frameworks on real mobile and desktop browsers.

Test Local Web Apps

Using BitBar, you can test both publicly available web applications as well as applications running on your local network. The latter are typically restricted from the global network to prevent unwanted external access. To test these applications and services, you need to set up a SmartBear secure tunnel on your side. The tunnel will enable traffic between BitBar test devices running in the cloud and computers on your private network.

To set up a tunnel, BitBar offers a special tool called SecureTunnel. It is available in the form of a desktop application and a command-line utility. You need to start it before you start testing your web application or service. For complete information, see SecureTunnel

Feedback and Support

We appreciate your feedback. If you have questions or need assistance, or if you would like to share your thoughts and suggestions, email us at [email protected].

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