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Last modified on May 12, 2022

BitBar is a flexible cloud-based mobile app testing platform that allows you to perform manual app testing or automated testing in any framework against real iOS and Android devices, so you can troubleshoot issues reported by your customers and verify the real-world user experiences.

BitBar supports any native mobile test automation framework and all languages, such as Java, Python, JavaScript, and so on.

BitBar comes in three editions:

All BitBar products have been built for test automation. The remote manual access to devices on our data centers complements this offering and occasionally developers want to make sure their apps work just like they have planned - and this is where our BitBar Testing live testing is extremely useful.

Test Automation relies real mobile devices (Android, iOS) and offers the possibility to test mobile apps and websites instantly and effectively using test automation frameworks. Our infrastructure is build to support unlimited number of simultaneous test runs, meaning that you can select any number of devices for your test run.

The true benefit of test automation comes from these simultaneous test runs, automated access, coverage, and runs on devices, repeatability nature of tests, and identical and accurate tests - that could probably never get to accurate with manual testing.

  • Open standards – Our test automation relies only on open standards that are widely used in the industry. Open standards mean there are no vendor lock-ins, source code is always open and available, and developers can incrementally develop new tests and focus on compelling features with their apps.

  • Automation without Complexity – Automated testing can increase the depth and scope of tests and significantly improve software quality. Lengthy and thorough tests — often not doable with manual testing — can be run automatically. Automated tests can easily execute thousands of complex test cases during every test run, providing coverage that is simply not possible with manual testing.

  • Cost efficient and effective – Depending on the size of the project and the application, test automation will always provide a good return on investment. Once tests have been created, automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost. Test automation typically reduces the time required to run repetitive tests from weeks to hours. This is a significant time-saving that translates directly into cost-saving.

  • Integration with agile process and tools – To get the most out of your efforts and maximize testing coverage, select the most robust and most cross-platform method - and hook it up with your continuous integration, development and deployment system. Once you build an app, the system can automatically push it for testing on devices on cloud. This saves a lot of time, produces instant results and developers can fix any issues instantly.

BitBar Public Cloud

BitBar Public Cloud

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BitBar Cloud provides the largest device farm of real mobile devices gathered from different regions globally, including the most versatile OS, OEM, and hardware configurations for Android and iOS developers. BitBar Public Cloud provides test automation, remote manual access, and a documented REST API to access, run, and manage any tests with these devices.

BitBar Cloud is a shared mobile app, game, and web testing service that enables developers to run their tests on real, physical Android and iOS devices that are all hosted on our secure premises. These devices are hosted in Wrocław, Poland, and Mountain View, CA, and are monitored and maintained 24 hours per business day. Our up-time is over 99% and sophisticated monitoring system keeps our devices running at the same rate.

BitBar Testing Cloud allows users to upload their own tests. Devices can be used in parallel with test automation frameworks. For remote manual access, only one device can be used at a time. To learn the number of ongoing device sessions, use the Parallel sessions widget.

BitBar Testing Cloud provides support for native, hybrid, and web apps on Android and iOS devices and browsers. Any applications created on PhoneGap, Titanium, Unity, or some other frameworks are fully supported on BitBar Testing Cloud devices.

The supported test automation frameworks include:

  • For Android:

    • Appium

    • Robotium

    • Espresso

    • uiautomator

  • For iOS:

    • Appium

    • XCTest and XCUITest

For more information about BitBar Testing Cloud, contact us at sales@bitbar.com.

BitBar Private Cloud

BitBar Private Cloud

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BitBar Private provides dedicated and reserved devices managed by BitBar’s operation team in BitBar’s server rooms. This dedicated device access provides an easy and handy way to make sure devices are accessible 24/7 by any team member. Typical customers are companies wanting or requiring constant access to specific devices at any time (e.g. for CI purposes), have strong security requirements (VPN connection from devices to the internal testing environment) and do not want to spend time on cloud management. BitBar is the only device cloud provider that can install its cloud in the customer internal cloud or customer virtual private cloud.

BitBar Private Cloud offers exclusive and dedicated access to devices and infrastructure hosted by the BitBar team. Accessing the service is VPN or SSL secured and the service can be connected to existing identity and authorization management services (Okta, Google, Microsoft, etc.).

Two hosting setup possibilities

  • If there are no specific security requirements, the Private Cloud service is set up in a dedicated cloud instance and all devices are securely hosted and located in BitBar’s server rooms with restricted access.

  • Private Cloud also allows the setup to run on the customer’s own Virtual Private Cloud instance (e.g. AWS VPC, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, etc.), giving customers and their IT security departments more control over allowed or restricted connections.

    BitBar Private Cloud setup

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Admin access

  • Admins have easy access to dashboards and administration tools for SSO, audit logs, user management, usage summaries, etc.

  • Admins also have additional insights into device management, device status, and cloud usage at individual and team levels.

  • Defining support for new testing frameworks. Admins are able to create new configurations to support new testing frameworks currently not existing or used by some new teams joining to use BitBar Private Cloud.

Device management

  • Adding new devices to Private Cloud is automated and done according to the customer’s preferences and requirements.

  • Admins can further dedicate a selection of devices from their Private Cloud service to a certain user or team for specific testing needs. No other team member can access the dedicated devices.


As BitBar Private Cloud is a tailored environment, it can support almost any test automation framework. With Docker container technology in place, it enables you to take your existing testing environments (Docker or VM images) into the platform and making them available to all teams.

For more information about BitBar Private, contact us at sales@bitbar.com.

BitBar On-Premise Cloud

BitBar On-Premise Cloud

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BitBar On-Premise is the same powerful device cloud installed and managed at the customer premises. Typical users of BitBar On-Premise are companies that cannot use public cloud service(s) or do not want to spend time and money building an internal device farm. BitBar On-Premise is a great option for any organization that has already invested in a large device pool and is willing to operate its own in-house development and testing lab.

BitBar On-Premise is a device cloud solution for companies wanting to save time and money by automating functional, performance, stress, regression and stability testing of Android and iOS apps and associated services. BitBar On-Premise is the same high availability and scalable cloud service as BitBar Public Cloud, but installed to customer premises and hardware. As the owner of On-Premise Cloud, you get to manage your cloud, select and change devices as you need, and of course, you have total control over network traffic and data being used for testing.

BitBar Cloud supports any number of devices, users, projects, or parallel test executions.

As BitBar On-Premise is a customer-tailored environment, it can support almost any test automation framework used for Android and/or iOS app testing. Even proprietary ones can be supported.

For more information on BitBar Testing On-Premise, contact us at sales@bitbar.com.

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