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This topic describes the changes made to BitBar 3.23 relative to the previous product versions. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Release Notes.

Release 3.23 (September 5, 2023)

Enhanced Cypress Support and Security Improvements
  • We are introducing a significant enhancement to our Cypress Support, delivering a more robust testing experience alongside strengthened security measures. Our new server-side execution approach, featuring user-defined entry points, empowers you to execute complex test projects with heightened flexibility. By providing run-test scripts within a prepared test package, you retain control and streamline the testing process. Furthermore, we've bolstered our security measures, ensuring your data's safety while enhancing control.

Introducing Support for Appium 2.0
  • We are excited to share that we now fully support the Appium 2.0 release. Experience the power of Appium 2.0's capabilities on both iOS and Android devices, as it becomes the default choice for both client-side and server-side tests. You'll find refined code samples that adhere to W3C standards, ensuring seamless integration and a new level of testing precision.

Upgraded iOS Device Hosting Infrastructure
  • Our iOS device hosting infrastructure has received a significant upgrade. All BitBar hosts now run on the latest macOS version compatible with our hardware, ensuring seamless support for iOS 16 and Appium 2.0. This update is available across all our public hosts, enhancing your testing environment.

Jenkins Plugin - Introducing Biometric Instrumentation Control
  • We are delighted to introduce a new feature in our Jenkins Plugin: Biometric Instrumentation Control. With this update, you can now seamlessly enable and manage biometric testing directly within the Jenkins Plugin UI. This enhancement not only boosts your test coverage but also enhances the accuracy of your security assessments.

Streamlined Video Tab Experience
  • On the test result page, you now have the convenience of refreshing the video tab content separately while waiting for your resources to load.

Now test on Chrome 117 Beta, Chrome 116, and Firefox 116 on Windows 10 and Windows 11:
  • We added Chrome 117 Beta, Chrome 116, and Firefox 116 to Windows 10 and Windows 11 for live and automated web app testing.

Now test on Chrome 116 and Firefox 116 on macOS Monterey:
  • We added Chrome 116 and Firefox 116 to macOS for live and automated web app testing.

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