Zephyr Squad Support End of Life Policy

This document outlines the End-of-Life (EOL) policy for Zephyr Squad in alignment with Atlassian's EOL policy for Jira Data Center. Our commitment is to provide support and updates for versions of Zephyr Squad that are compatible with Jira Data Center releases that are not EOL.

Jira Data Center Dependency

Zephyr Squad relies on specific Jira Data Center versions. We ensure that new releases of Zephyr Squad are compatible with Jira versions currently supported by Atlassian and are not EOL. Once Atlassian declares a Jira version as EOL, we will no longer provide new releases or updates compatible with Zephyr Squad to support that specific Jira version.

Supported Jira Versions

  • We only support Jira versions that are supported by Atlassian, i.e.,

    • New versions of Zephyr Squad won’t be compatible with unsupported Jira versions.

    • We won’t provide support for Zephyr Squad if running on an unsupported Jira version.

  • New versions of Zephyr Squad are released based on the latest version of Zephyr Squad available. Intermediate minor/patch versions will not be released. You may need to update to the latest version of Zephyr Squad available to get bug fixes, improvements, or new features.

The following table outlines the Jira Data Center versions and the corresponding versions of Zephyr Squad that are not EOL:

Jira Data Center Version

Atlassian EOL Date

Zephyr Squad version

Zephyr Squad EOL Date

Jira 10.x


Upcoming release


Jira 9.x


Zephyr Squad 9.x


Jira 8.x

16 February 2024

Zephyr Squad 8.x

31 August 2024


"TBD" indicates that the date is "To Be Determined" based on Atlassian's policy updates.

Check the Atlassian Support End of Life Policy to learn more.

Policy Updates

This document will be reviewed and updated in accordance with any changes to Atlassian's EOL policy for Jira Data Center. We encourage users to refer to this document periodically to stay informed about the support lifecycle of their Jira Data Center version and Zephyr Squad.

Version History

For detailed information about previous versions of Zephyr Squad, including release notes and changes, please refer to our Release Notes. This archive provides comprehensive details on each version's features, enhancements, bug fixes, and compatibility with Jira Data Center versions.

Contact and Support

For any queries regarding this EOL policy, please contact our support team at Product Support Portal | SmartBear Software. We are committed to providing the best support and ensuring a smooth transition to newer versions.

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