Release 9.5.1 (June 10, 2023)

Zephyr Squad 9.5.0 is compatible with Jira 9.15.


  • Resolved multiple library vulnerabilities identified through GitHub scans by updating dependencies in both Jira 8.x and Jira 9.x, with a preference for Jira 9.x due to the upcoming end-of-life of Jira 8.x.

Bug fixes:

  • The date format is now correct after fetching results from Jira using JQL.

  • The newly created test step is not deleted while reordering it.

  • You can now edit time tracking value in Jira 9.x after selecting a Test on the Issue page.

  • We fixed the encoding issue in the Search Test Execution export functionality, ensuring that special characters in test names and cycle names are correctly displayed across all languages in the exported Excel/CSV files.

  • We fixed an issue where changing the language in Jira did not update the language on the execution page.

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