Version 6


The Zephyr Squad 6.x version is compatible with Jira 8.x path.

Release 6.2.10 (April 4, 2022)


  • Jira Administrators can now select all the executions in the Search Test Executions page to archive.

  • Zephyr Squad introduces new option to limit the issues imports on Importer. You can find this option on the Zephyr Squad General Configuration page.

Release 6.2.9 (March 7, 2022)


  • For easier and faster navigation, the Search Test Executions page will now open on the last selected search type page: Basic or Advanced.

  • For the sake of a clearer UI, Zephyr Squad introduces new options to hide or show the Help menu item and Test Automation menu. You can find these options on the Zephyr Squad General Configuration page.

Bug fixes

  • The Zephyr Squad API worked on project pages for which the app was disabled.

  • On the Cycle Summary page, resizing the test cycle and folder column did not work correctly.

  • Users were unable to switch the editing mode from wiki-markup to text in the test step editor.

  • The Search Test Executions grid didn't reflect assignments of test executions made via Zephyr Squad API.

  • GitHub integration issues: some changes in GitHub repositories didn't cause changes in Jira issue statuses.

Release 6.2.8 (February 23, 2022)

This is a compatibility release that adds support for Jira Server and Data Center versions: 8.22.0, 8.20.6, and 8.13.18.

Release 6.2.7 (January 31, 2022)

This is a compatibility release that adds support for Jira Server and Data Center versions: 8.21.1, 8.20.5, 8.20.4, 8.13.17, and 8.13.16.

Release 6.2.6 (December 17, 2021)



  • Test cycle information returned by the Zephyr Squad Server API includes the createdByDisplay and modifiedByDisplay fields. They contain the display names of the users specified by the createdBy and modifiedBy fields.

Bug fixes

  • Jira Advanced Roadmaps pages failed to load if the Zephyr Squad Server license had expired.

  • When exporting test executions to an Excel file, test step data could end up in wrong columns.

Release 6.2.5 (November 19, 2021)


  • The Search Test Executions page now has the Select all executions check box. You can use it to select all executions found by your query:

    Select all executions
  • You can export test executions with attachments by using the new HTML (with attachments) export mode on the Search Test Executions page:

    Export HTML with attachments
  • When adding tests to a test cycle or folder, you now have an option to create a new cycle or folder.

    Create a new folder or a test cycle while adding test to a cycle
  • You can now use JQL queries to find tests to be added to a cycle. To do that, use the new Via JQL Search tab in the Add Tests to Cycle and Add Tests to Folder dialogs:

    Add Tests to Cycle via JQL Search

Bug fixes

  • The Close button was missing in the Execution history dialog.

  • Test Automation tasks were not displayed after a Zephyr Squad update.

  • Test execution data exported to a CSV or Excel file had extra HTML tags in custom field values.

  • Linking a defect on the test execution screen or updating a test execution status generated multiple entries in the execution history.

  • The import of test cases from an Excel file could get stuck in instances with the Automation for Jira app.

  • The Create Zephyr Test command in the issue view sometimes did not link the created test to the issue. This happened if all issue link types in Jira settings had been deleted.

Release 6.2.4 (October 1, 2021)


  • The performance of Test View agile boards has been improved to handle a large number of active sprints and tests more efficiently.

  • The help menu now contains links to the Zephyr Squad documentation and Community:


Bug fix

  • The Labels filter in the basic search mode on the Search Test Executions page did not show existing labels.

Release 6.2.3 (September 8, 2021)


  • Zephyr Squad Server can now automatically create defects for failed test executions. For more information, see Defect Configuration.

  • The new columns on the Cycle Summary page show Execution comment and Description of test executions, and the new column on the Issue View page shows Execution comment of test executions.

  • Now, you can use the predefined filter on the Search Test Executions page to view details of archived executions.

    Archived executions filter

Bug fixes

  • Zephyr showed an error when the date format was changed.

  • Test cases could not be imported if all issue link types were removed from the Issue linking configuration.

  • Tests created from an issue with the Backlog status did not link to the parent issue automatically.

  • The Test Details wiki markup did not save the input data.

  • The Zephyr Custom fields with an empty value could not be displayed in the custom field selector.

  • The image uploaded to the description issue field was displayed incorrectly.

  • The ZQL query did not display any results when the Logged Time or Estimated Time fields were used on the Search Test Automation page.

  • Test Automation could not be assigned to a user if unassigned issues are not allowed in Jira General Configuration.

  • The Test Issue Importer did not import Excel files if the security field was set as required in the Issue Security Scheme.

Release 6.2.2 (August 19, 2021)


  • Enhanced the tracking of migrated objects during the JCMA migration.

Bug fix

  • Requirement to defect Traceability did not work when it was filtered on a specific version.

Release 6.2.1 (August 4, 2021)

New feature: Archiving test executions

  • You can now archive test executions. This hides them from the dashboards and search but preserves their data in case you may need it later.

    Archiving test executions

    All archived test executions are displayed in Tests > Search Test Executions > Archived Executions. You can also restore (unarchive) test executions at any time.

    For more information, see Archiving Test Executions.

  • REST API also has new operations to archive test executions and work with archived executions. See Test Executions API for details.

Bug fixes

  • Test folders could not be deleted.

  • Archived Jira issues still had the Create Zephyr Test button.

  • The list of versions in the Clone Cycle dialog included archived versions.

  • In the Add Tests to Cycle dialog, selecting the From Another Cycle option took a long time to load the data.

  • Test automation tasks could not be updated to use another XML results file.

  • Test executions exported to CSV contained blank lines between data lines.

  • Other Jira applications could have problems creating linked issues if Zephyr Squad Server was installed.

Release 6.2.0 (July 15, 2021)


  • Updated Atlassian libraries for the JCMA migration.

Bug fixes

  • The Version search fetched incorrect results in Basic search mode on the Search Test Executions page if no specific project was selected.

  • The Get Audit Log API (GET /jira/rest/zapi/latest/audit) returned HTTP status 403 Forbidden for non-admin users.

Release 6.1.1 (June 10, 2021)


  • The Test Executions section of issue details now has the Assignee column:

    Assignee Column

Bug fixes

  • The dialog shown when changing the execution workflow status was very small. This happened when the mO SSO connector for Crowd and Jira plugin was installed and the Zephyr Workflow Validator was enabled.

  • On the Search Test Executions page, text in Notes contained HTML tags and entities.

  • Test steps having more than 10 lines could not be dragged up.

  • The execution history was not updated upon running an automation job for the first time.

  • The execution history contained incorrect timestamps.

  • Executions were not shown in sub-folders on the Cycle Summary page.

  • An incorrect message was displayed upon changing the status of a test case on the Cycle Summary page.

  • Execution filters did not return results in certain cases.

  • Project re-indexing could take a lot of time and the system resources were not released after the re-indexing was completed.

  • Imported custom fields with no value could have a value in Zephyr.

Release 6.1.0 (May 13, 2021)

This release adds support for the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA). It is now possible to include Zephyr Squad data when migrating projects from Jira Server/Data Center to Jira Cloud using JCMA. For more information, please reach out to Atlassian and join the early access program!


Zephyr Squad 6.1.0 might be disabled in Jira. Installing the latest version of Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (1.5.3) fixes the issue.

Release 6.0.3 (April 22, 2021)

Zephyr for Jira is now called Zephyr Squad!

Why rename? We think Zephyr Squad lines up better with our other tool names, so everyone has a clearer path to understanding which test management solution in Zephyr family best fits their needs.

Note that no changes to functionality of Zephyr Squad have been introduced – everything will work as before.

Learn more about the name change in our blog post.

Bug fixes:

  • Archived release versions could be found in the Basic search mode on the Search Test Executions page.

  • Cycle names overlapped each other in the Test Execution by Cycle chart if there was too much data.

  • An error was posted to the log after updating or publishing the Jira workflow.

Release 6.0.2 (April 6, 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • An error was posted to the log when trying to disable the workflow validator for all projects if a project with the workflow validator enabled had been deleted earlier.

  • If a user deleted a folder from cycle summary manually, they could not then create a folder with the same name by using REST API.

  • The mandatory Assignee field was not marked as required on the Create Automation Task form, and users could not select a value from that dropdown.

  • An error was posted to the log upon creating a test with test steps and no data was recorded in the audit history.

  • Test executions got hidden in test details upon deleting a test step from an executed test case.

  • In basic search, data was not fetched according to the selected filter.

Release 6.0.1 (February 23, 2021)


  • The "Search Test Executions" page has now basic search similar to that of Jira.

  • The Top Defects Impacting Testing gadget can now display up to 500 defects.

Bug fix:

  • Versions were not expanded while searching for a cycle, folder or version on the "Cycle Summary" page.

Release 6.0.0 (February 3, 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Excel files exported from the "Search Test Executions" page contained duplicate test executions due to incorrect re-indexing.

  • On the "Search Test Executions" page, hyperlinks were shown as HTML tags in custom fields.

  • If the issue description imported in the XML format contained HTML tags, Zephyr didn’t show the content enclosed in those tags.

  • Empty lines were not shown in multiline custom fields.

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