Product Feedback

Zephyr strives to bring the best test management tool experience to our customers around the world by utilizing our innovative solution for our customer's testing needs and goals. Zephyr welcomes feedback for our Zephyr Squad product and we believe the best way to grow and improve the usability, functionality, and accessibility of our Zephyr Squad product is to listen to our customers and your ideas.

Want to actively contribute and communicate with us to positively affect the future of our technology? Our product feedback form provides you with the opportunity to share any and all ideas regarding new product features, user interface changes that you'd like to see, and any suggestions for our product moving forward.

  • Users can utilize our feedback form by simply clicking on the Give Feedback button located at the top-right of the interface.

    • The Give Feedback button is only available on the Zephyr pages.

      Product feedback button
    • After clicking the Give Feedback button, it will redirect you to the feedback form page which allows the user to share any ideas on new product features, user interface changes, and provide additional suggestions on improvements. The fields for the feedback form are below:

    Work Email

    First Name

    Last Name

    Phone Number

    Type of Jira Instance

    How satisfied are you with Zephyr Squad?


    Would you like follow-up on this feedback?

    Feedback submit form
  • Finally, after filling out of feedback form, simply click the Submit to finalize the feedback and your feedback will be on its' way.

    We're truly excited to be hearing from the voice of our customers to positively improve the future of our product and technology!

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