Version 1


  • Test steps can now be exported from the Issue Navigator.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

  • Compatibility with Jira 6.0.1.


  • Bug fixes.

  • Compatibility with Jira 6.0 RC1.


Compatibility with Jira 5.1.x


  • Compatibility with Jira 5.x and 6.0 EAP releases.

  • Support for the new look-n-feel of Jira 6.

  • Easier to update status of test executions when all steps have passed or failed.

  • Test steps can now be cloned by the structure add-on.

  • Further compatibility with GreenHopper.

  • Compatibility with JJUPIN and structure add-ons.

  • Compatibility with dark features in Jira 5.2.x.

  • Support for special characters in labels.

  • Availability of description field in test execution page.

  • Links from defects to tests.

  • Additional panel in Admin to display technical information.

  • Test executions are not deleted when that user is deleted.

  • Performance improvements.

  • Bug fixes.


  • Compatibility with Jira 5.2.

  • Test executions now have test step level status changes.

  • Execution at step level allows detailed comments, attachments and defects to be filed.

  • Quick execute capability allows test execution status changes directly when viewing a test in a test cycle or when viewing a test issue.

  • Visual marker to keep track of your test execution position in the test cycles list.

  • Test cycle export capability (including for ad-hoc cycles) allows execution data to be exported to a CSV file.

  • Tests can now be added to an ad-hoc test cycle.

  • Issue selector now available to easily add defects during test execution.

  • New welcome screen for first time users.

  • Lots of inline editing capabilities.

  • A bunch of bug fixes.


Upgraded to be compatible with Jira 5.1.1.


Compatibility with Jira 5.1.


  • Now “Marketplace Paid” can also be evaluated, bought, upgraded and renewed directly from Atlassian Marketplace along with Jira licenses.

  • New Gadget Test Execution Burndown displays current rate of test execution, # of unexecuted tests and expected completion date for a test cycle – found in the Gadget Gallery.

  • Test steps now show in the test execution window.

  • A bunch of small fixes.


  • Multiple ways to add tests to test cycles (individually, via saved Jira searches, from previous test cycles).

  • 30-day summary chart of created and executed tests now shown in "Test Summary" page.

  • New Gadget Top 5/10/15 defects impacting testing found in the Gadget Gallery.

  • "Build" and "Environment" info is now displayed in "Test Cycles" page.

  • On selecting Search Tests, issue navigator opens with "test" issue-type pre-selected.

  • In test cycle, hovering over the execution status shows the execution comment.

  • While viewing a test, the test cycle in the Test Execution section is now hyper linked.

  • A bunch of fixes (especially for IE8. Sigh.).


  • Ability to clone entire test cycles.

  • Linking test executions to defects.

  • Support for SQLServer.

  • Support for PostgreSQL.

  • A bunch of small fixes.


First release

Create and view tests

  • Create, view, edit, clone test cases.

  • Organize by project, version, components and labels.

  • Detailed test steps, data and expected results.

  • Attach files and screenshots.

Link to stories, tasks etc.

  • Link to any issue type - epics, stories, tasks, new features, etc.

  • Track test coverage.

  • Add attachments as files or screenshots.

Plan test execution cycles

  • Create execution cycles for any iteration.

  • Track test execution progress.

  • Clone and reuse test cycles.

Execute tests

  • Execute tests either ad-hoc or from test cycles.

  • File new bugs or link existing ones.

  • Add attachments and comments.

  • Execute the same test multiple times or re-execute it.

File bugs

  • File Jira bugs directly from test execution screens.

  • Automatically link bug to testcase.

  • View all bugs associated with a test case across all executions.

Track quality metrics

  • Quality OpenSocial gadgets in test dashboard - use standard Jira gadgets too!

  • Test creation, execution, distribution.

  • Customizable.

Integrate with Bonfire

  • Zephyr for Jira integrates with Bonfire, allowing users of Bonfire to create tests directly from the web application they are testing.

  • Tests are created with detailed descriptions, instant screenshots and dynamic variables.

  • Tests can also be created and executed as part of Bonfire test sessions and existing tests can be added to a new Test session.

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