Configuring a Bamboo Build Plan

A Plan in Bamboo defines a sequence of tasks for Bamboo to perform. When a plan is triggered, Bamboo executes the defined tasks sequentially. It also provides options to define final tasks. The steps below show an example of configuring a plan.

  1. Create a new Bamboo plan by clicking the Create a new plan sub-menu from Create menu.

    Bamboo create menu
  2. Select New Project and configure the new project. Set the source code repository as “none”. Click Configure plan.

    New project configuration
  3. Setup repository for the newly created test plan. Add “Source Code Checkout” task that uses the repository you created earlier. Add a builder task type. In this example we have added Maven 3.x Click Add task to add more tasks to the plan.

  4. Add test result parser task. In this example “Junit Parser” from “Tests” task type has been added. This could be any test result parser.

    Task types
  5. Give the task a name and click Save to save the configuration.

    Configured task plan

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