Backup and Restore

Zephyr Squad server allows you to migrate your data from server instance to database and from database to server.


  1. Jira and Zephyr Squad DC/server versions are the same in destination and target Jira.

  2. Database versions are the same as well.

  3. Zephyr Squad backup and restore is only applicable on Zephyr execution data. It doesn’t create Tests. This functionality is a part of Jira backup.

  4. Post restore, already existing Zephyr Squad data is erased completely in the target instance.

How to use backup/restore functionality:

  1. You have a set of data that contains respective Test / Executions data.

  2. As a Jira Administrator go to Manage apps > General Configuration > Backup and Restore:

  3. Choose the name for your data folder and click Backup.

  4. The progress bar appears. Wait for the process to complete.

  5. Go to \Application Data\Jira\zfj\backup on your local machine to see your backup data.

  6. Go back to Manage apps > General Configuration > Backup and Restore.

  7. Restore the backup (mentioned in Step 3). To do that, enter the backup file name and click Restore.

  8. Perform Hard Re-index for all projects after successful data restoration. To do that, go to Zephyr Data Center in sidebar menu and Integrity Checker tab. Check Compare indexed execution count against execution count database option.

  9. Go back to General Configuration. On the Manage apps tab choose Re-index.

  10. Mark All Projects and Hard index boxes and click Re-index.

  11. Post Re-index, you can verify that deleted Zephyr Squad data is restored successfully. Check step 8 to see how to use Integrity Checker.

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