Version 9


The Zephyr Squad 9.0.0 version is compatible with Jira 9.x path.

Release 8.2.1 (August 3, 2023)


You can now skip the audit history during the migration of your On-Prem data to Cloud through JCMA. Thanks to that, you can migrate the rest of your data faster.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed an issue with the Importer feature. Now you can import cascading custom-field values in JIRA 9.4.7 and above versions without any import failures.

  • Now when you assign a defect to a cycle/folder in Execution, the issue link is now correctly created under "Is Blocked By" instead of "Blocks" without requiring a reset.

Release 9.3.0 (July 5, 2023)

New feature:

  • You can now migrate from Zephyr Squad Server to Zephyr Squad Data Center. You need to use Jira build-in functionality import a backup file of Jira and select a project to restore the data. Check Server to Data Center Migration Guide to find detailed information.


  • We improved performance and stability by optimizing the Archived Executions page to fetch project permissions selectively. This solution prevents server crashes caused by high load on archived executions.

Bug fixes:

  • We resolved the issue when links in Test Summary page opened as blank pages with 404 errors when Jira is configured with a proxy. Zephyr Test Summary links now open correctly with the appropriate Base URL when you use Jira with a proxy.

  • We improved search functionality in ZQL Advanced Search to allow search for assignees by use of customer full name, username, or email ID. This provides more flexibility and convenience.

  • The "OF-Procurement" label is now displayed in the "Tests by Label" section of the Test Summary page.

  • Dark features in Jira works as expected now when Zephyr Squad plugin in enabled.

Release 9.2.2 (May 24, 2023)


  • We improved server stability and performance by implementing project-specific permission checking. Now the default selection of the current Jira project on the Archived Executions page prevents crashes caused by excessive load.

Bug fixes:

  • We resolved the issue with the concurrent import of test cases in DC nodes. This prevents the error 'Issue service could not create test', and ensures a smooth import process across multiple nodes.

  • We fixed the '+' signs under Test Details and Test Executions in the Search test page that didn’t function as expected. They now open the create pop-up as intended.

Release 9.2.1 (April 25, 2023)

New feature:

  • To improve the stability of the Jira instance and to let customers control how many and how often external REST API requests users can make we introduced rate limiting of REST API’s. Now admins are able to set rate limits for the REST API’s. The settings apply to all users in a Jira instance and to each node of the cluster. You can find Rate limiting under General Configuration Settings.

Bug fixes:

  • Traceability / Export functionalities produce correct data in proper order now.

  • Now when you want to export your test executions to CSV format all the test step details field values display properly.

  • Now you can click on version, component, and labels in the Test Summary tab without the Project unavailable error.

  • Test Execution status now updates in the Test Execution issue link under the View issue page.

Release 9.2.0 (February 22, 2023)


  • Files exported from the query (XML, Excel, HTML and CSV) contain Estimated and Logged time values now.

  • We improved soft Re-index performance and implemented batch processing.

Bug fixes:

  • Data import from the xlsx file no longer fails, even if the file contains an excessive number of empty rows.

  • Now, when you use Basic Search, you can find and select your folder in the drop-down list.

Release 9.1.6 (January 19, 2023)

Bug Fix:

We fixed the compatibility issues between Jira 9.5.0 and the Zephyr Squad 9.1.5 build when installed with JAVA 8.

Release 9.1.4 (January 4, 2023)

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed the issue you faced while creating the configuration using XSS in the Test Automation tab.

  • After upgrading the build to 8.0.3, you could not download the execution attachments on the Execution Details page.

  • Using the Export Execution API, you could only download the exported file without any data.

  • From the Configure Linktype for Requirement to tests dropdown list, when you tried to configure and save a different link, it did not save the selected configuration.

Release 9.1.3 (December 7, 2022)

Bug Fixes:

  • When there were more than 5000 projects, the Importer loaded all the projects even if you selected some particular ones.

  • Test step attachments for Step, Execution, and Step result are missing after you change the project key.

Release 9.1.2 (November 5, 2022)

Bug Fix:

While migrating folders from Server to Cloud, only 1000 folders were getting migrated.

Release 9.1.1 (September 30, 2022)


In the Help menu of the Zephyr Squad Cloud application, when you click the Improvement Requests option, it redirects you to the documentation page instead of the Aha Idea Portal page.

The Aha Idea portal will shut down on October 1, 2022. We will soon launch a brand-new idea portal that will help us to collect and manage users' ideas more efficiently.

Bug Fixes:

  • On the Importer page, when you select a project from the search box, the dropdown list showed all the projects.

  • You were unable to export test cases having test steps with special characters in the Test step custom fields.

Release 9.1.0 (September 08, 2022)


  • On the Copy Zephyr Test Steps dialog box, you can clone the test steps along with their attachments. You must select the Clone Attachments checkbox to clone the attachments.

  • You can clone the assignee value and defect links while cloning a test cycle or folder in the Plan Test Cycle page. You must select the Clone Assignee and the Clone Defect Links check box in the Clone Cycle dialog box.

  • In the Execute Test dialog box on the View Issue page, you can create a new test cycle by selecting Create New Test Cycle option from the Test Cycle dropdown list. You can also create a new folder by selecting the Create New Folder in the Test Folder dropdown list.

  • On the Test Automation page, a page refresh navigates a user to the last page they worked on.

  • The Search Test Execution page when opened displays the last searched project.

  • We are supporting Cypress as one of the test automation frameworks options. We have added Cypress in the test automation supported framework list.

  • The autocomplete support on JQL input box is added. Now, when you start typing in the JQL search bar in the Via JQL Search option of the Add Tests dialog box, you can see words being predicted.

Bug fix:

  • On exporting the Traceability Matrix to Excel, a new headline gets added and some of the data is duplicated in the spreadsheet.

  • On the Importer screen, the size of the arrow in all the dropdowns appears inconsistent.

  • On opening the Test Case Execution search, it loads all results in the advanced view and then switches to the basic view.

Release 9.0.2 (August 10, 2022)


Upgraded the libraries to address the DC certification.

Bug fix:

Fixed an issue where users were unable to expand and view the Test Details and Test Executions section On the View Issue page.

Release 9.0.1 (July 19, 2022)

Bug fix:

Unable to add tests to cycle from the Search test bulk update page.

Release 9.0.0 (July 12, 2022)

This is a compatibility release that adds support for Jira Server and Data Center versions 9.0.0


Zephyr Squad 9.0.0 is compatible only with 9.x releases of Jira. Any lower versions of Zephyr Squad are not compatible with 9.x releases of Jira. Once you upgrade Zephyr Squad to 9.0.0 version, you cannot downgrade to the lower versions.

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