Defect Configuration


In Zephyr Squad Server, you can automatically create defects in Jira when a test execution fails. This is done by running test automation tasks that have a defect configuration assigned (see below). When you run a test automation task, it retrieves test execution data from the supported testing tool, and if some test execution has the Fail status, a defect is created for it in Jira. A defect is created for each failed test execution retrieved by the automation task.

You create and configure defect configurations on the Defect Configuration page:

Defect Configuration

A defect configuration is a set of parameters the created defect will have — the issue type, summary, description, priority, and so on (see the table below). You can specify values in both default and custom fields.


You cannot attach files to the defect being configured

An automation task can have only one defect configuration. However, multiple automation tasks can use the same configuration.

Create a defect configuration

Before creating defect configurations, make sure you have at least one automation task configured.

  1. Click Test Automation in the project sidebar.

  2. Switch to the Defect Configuration tab and click Add Configuration on the right:

    Add Configuration button
  3. In the dialog that opens, populate the following fields:




    Required. The name of your defect configuration.


    Required. The name of the test automation task you created earlier on the Test Automation tab.

    Issue type

    Required. The Jira issue type to use for the created defect.

    Select a field

    Choose the fields where you will specify defect parameters.

    Possible values

    Default fields:

    • Summary

    • Fix Version/s

    • Affects Version/s

    • Component/s

    • Description

    • Priority

    • Labels

    • Assignee

    • Due Date

    Custom fields:

    • User Picker

    • Version/s Picker

    • Text

    • Component/s

    • Date Picker

    • Date and Time Picker

    • Priority

    • Number Field

    • Radio Buttons

    • Checkboxes

    • Dev Summary

  4. Click Create.

The created configuration appears on the list of defect configurations:

New Configuration

Edit a defect configuration

  1. Select Edit from the dropdown in the Action column of the defect configuration you want to update.

  2. Update the data in the subsequent dialog:

    Edit Configuration
  3. Once done, click Update.

Delete a defect configuration

  1. Select Delete from the dropdown in the Action column of the defect configuration you want to delete:

    Delete Configuration
  2. Click Delete in the confirmation dialog.

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