Configuring Zephyr Add-on

  1. Click Add task to add more tasks to the plan and select task Publish Test Results to Zephyr Squad from “Tests” task type.

    Task select
  2. Configure Zephyr build task.

    Build task configuration
    1. Provide a task name.

    2. Select the Jira URL from the dropdown. (Servers configured in the Bamboo administration are available here to select). This automatically pulls in projects, versions and cycles.

    3. Select the Project Name from the dropdown. This re-populates the versions.

    4. Select the Version from the dropdown. Selecting a version fetches all its cycles.

    5. Select either an existing Cycle from the dropdown or create a new cycle.

    6. For existing cycle the default cycle duration will be that of existing cycle in Zephyr and cycle name prefix will be of the format “Automation_<Date><Time>” stamp.

    7. For new cycle you have option to select Cycle Duration from the dropdown and to edit default cycle prefix name “Automation”. In the absence of a cycle prefix name “Automation” is used for new cycles.

    8. Click Save.

  3. The parser task such as “Junit Parsing” and “Zephyr Reporter” task needs to be made final tasks to ensure these tasks are executed irrespective of job failure due to test failures.

    Tasks list

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