Disable Projects in JCMA Migration


This feature is only available for Zephyr Squad Server 8.3.3/9.4.2 or higher.

On the Server, Zephyr creates default objects for all Jira projects. When our migration engine runs, it considers this data as valid, and we overload the engine. We can disable Zephyr for these projects on the Server before migrating so we can have the projects in the migration plan, but the Zephyr migration engine will skip them.

This feature allows you to easily reduce your Zephyr dataset by removing unnecessary projects from the migration scope. Please be aware that this data can’t be migrated later on, so always validate with your business if it’s ok to not migrate Zephyr data for the selected projects.

The JCMA migration engine skips projects that are Zephyr-disabled in Server, even if you have these projects selected in the JCMA migration plan. If you have chosen Zephyr as an app to be migrated, but do not wish to migrate specific projects, you can disable them in Zephyr by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Apps > Zephyr Squad > General Configuration

  2. Go to the Zephyr Test Menu tab.

  3. Select the projects you want to skip/disable from the dropdown field 'Disabling Zephyr Test Section On Project.'

  4. The projects you chose are now disabled in Zephyr. They won't be migrated during the JCMA run - even if it’s selected as part of the migration.

    Data associated with the Zephyr-disabled projects is not deleted and will be accessible if you re-enable Zephyr for these projects.

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