Upgrading Zephyr Squad is a very straightforward process, as long as your license support period is valid. As a Jira Administrator, you can verify that by checking the license page.

If your support has expired, you can buy a renewal here.

Check compatibility

Before you upgrade, make sure that the version of Zephyr Squad that you want to upgrade to is compatible with the host Jira version it will reside on. You can verify this by checking the compatibility matrix on Atlassian's Plugin Exchange.

Upgrade process

As a best practice before upgrading any plugin or add-on, we strongly recommend performing a backup of your database to ensure data integrity and to make the upgrade as seamless as possible during the transition.

  • Database backups are extremely ideal when you are upgrading or downgrading your Zephyr Squador any Atlassian plugin to retain your data if any issues occur during the upgrade process.

For any plugin or add-on change, ensure that a database backup is performed.

As a Jira Administrator, use the universal plugin manager to discover and upgrade the Zephyr Squad plugin. Refer to the Jira administration document for upgrading a plugin.

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