Cloud Migration Alternatives

The way to migrate from Zephyr Scale Server/Data Center to Cloud is to use the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) provided by Atlassian. Currently, we do not provide another migration approach.

We focused on building an excellent cloud product and a migration path based on Atlassian’s JCMA, but, if waiting is not a possibility, or if there is any other reason why JCMA migration is not an option, customers can try to use our API to migrate data.


Using the API, it is only possible to migrate the latest version of:

  • Test cases

  • Test cycles

  • Test execution

This approach will not migrate any other Zephyr Scale items, such as:

  • Attachments

  • Custom fields

  • Comments (this feature is not available in Cloud)

  • Datasets

  • Environment

  • Existent gadget configurations

  • Permissions

  • Priorities

  • Saved filters

  • Statuses

  • Test case change history

  • Test plans

  • Test script test data

Migrate test cases, executions, and cycles via API

We strongly recommend the following to be tested in a staging environment.

  1. Recreate all the Zephyr Scale configuration (permissions, priorities, statuses, environment, datasets), custom fields, and custom statuses from the source instance into the target instance manually, as configurations cannot be exported or imported.

  2. (Optional.) Export all your test cases from the source instance in the XML or Excel format. Test cases can also be exported using the REST API as mentioned bellow.

  3. (Optional.) Import all your test cases into the target instance. Test cases can also be imported using the REST API as mentioned bellow.

  4. For test cases, executions, and cycles, you must build scripts using our API:

    • Get data from your source instance.

    • Post the needed data to the target instance.

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