Use EasyBI

eazyBI is a powerful report, chart, and dashboard app for Jira. It is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool for analyzing and visualizing your Jira issues data.


A Zephyr Scale import option is available in eazyBI version 4.4.0 and later. eazyBI is not supported by Jira Cloud at this time, only Jira Server.

If you have installed eazyBI for Jira Server, you will see Import Adaptavist Test Management (ATM) in your Jira import options:


For more information about creating Reports, Dimensions, Measures and Calculate Measures, refer to eazyBI’s documentation page.

Also, have a look on this blog post: Test Management Reporting Using eazyBI.

Customize reports with eazyBI

Begin this task after you install eazyBI.

  1. Click Add New Source Application, choose Jira, and enter a valid cube name.

  2. In the Select Application Import Options section, check Import ATM to import Zephyr Scale results, dimensions, and measures.

  3. Click Import.

  4. After importing the source application, click Analyze > Samples ATM.

  5. Select one of the available samples, and make your desired changes.


    Or you can create a new report from scratch. Just click Analyze > New Report, and customize the report by using the measures, dimensions, and calculated measures.

  6. Save the report to use it later.


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